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Christian Resources For Getting Life Right

Below are some suggestions and resources for Christian living and to get on track to…A Life Well Lived. We want to emphasize that there is no exact formula to the Christian life. These are simply guidelines that have proven to be meaningful steps by other Christians. Whether you are just accepting Christ as your personal Savior or are further along in your journey, we encourage you to carefully and prayerfully consider each step.

(1) The Way, The Truth, & The Life – If you haven’t already, ask God for His forgiveness of your sins and accept Christ as your personal Savior. Commit to time with Him daily just as you would any other person that you love. Join a church in your community and become an active (participating) member. Introduce yourself to your pastor and plan to be baptized. Begin to form relationships within your congregation.

(2) Time Management & Daily Christian Guidance – How you spend your time is important and getting life right matters. There is much to learn about budgeting time, eliminating “time stealers”, evaluating skills and passions, setting goals, developing a plan, and prioritizing. What are daily Christian action steps that are rewarding and help form good habits? How can I be a better steward of the time God gives me? What is a disciple and how do I become one? Consider purchasing the A Life Well Lived planner and begin your journey today.

Experiencing God

(3) Continued Spiritual Growth & Discipleship – Your desire to grow spiritually should never end. Daily devotionals, prayer groups, Bible studies, church services, and other Christian learning and worshiping opportunities should continually be scheduled into your planning system. A Christian accountability partner is also a great idea. As you grow in your spiritual walk, you become more equipped to share Christ with others. We encourage you to become a disciple and make disciples. We hope you will
consider the A Life Well Lived discipleship model as well as these other Spiritual growth resources.

  1. Experiencing God by Blackaby Ministries International –

(4) Relationships Are Everything – Healthy relationships are truly what make life a joy. If you are married and your marriage is not thriving, get help. Pray with your spouse for spiritual healing in your relationship. Seek the guidance of your pastor and/or Christian marriage counseling. Also consider your family and friends for support. If you are not at peace in any relationship, place emphasis and priority on reconciliation and healing. Additional help can be found through these resources.

  1. Focus On The Family –

(5) Team Building – Most people don’t achieve great things on their own. We recommend that you build a strong team of mentors and advisors who will contribute their time and wisdom to your success and encourage, inspire, and support you to achieve your goals and intentions. While respecting their time, meet and talk with them and utilize their collective thoughts as you navigate through the decisions you will make in the coming days, months, and years. Consider the following personal qualities when you select your team. Remember this is your personal board of advisors. Characteristics may include Christian, honest, hard-working, humble, encouraging, financially stable, optimistic, a track record of success. We also want to become a part of your team and for you to become a part of ours. We invite you to join A Life Well Lived on Facebook and follow us through Twitter (visit our homepage to link and subscribe). You can also contact us through our “contact us” page and note how we can assist you. Getting plugged into a local Christian networking group can be a great opportunity as well. Consider your local Christian Chamber of Commerce or starting one if a chapter doesn’t already exist near you.

(6) Job/Career – If you don’t wake up every morning looking forward to your workday, consider making a change. Seek the guidance of a career coach. Visit

Dave Ramsey

(7) Reward Through Giving – One of the greatest rewards in life is to have the ability to give. Unfortunately, many people have difficulty sharing and giving due to the heavy burden of debt.  Get on the path to debt elimination and financial success. Visit

(8) Your Body Is A Temple – It has been said that the greatest wealth is health. Begin to educate yourself regarding proper diet and nutrition, discipline your body to healthy eating habits, and write out a plan for regular physical exercise which you follow.

(9) Other Improvements – So what’s on your heart for personal improvement? All self-improvement, change, and progress will become habits through repetitiveness, passion, self-discipline, and commitment. You can begin by identifying improvements you would like to see in yourself and recording those reminders in a place where you will frequently see them each day, preferably your day planner. Define it, write it down, live it out.

(10) Be A Light & Serve – Your daily actions and reactions have a significant influence on the life of those around you. Take personal responsibility for yourself and your future. Share your experiences and the Christian resources that have had the biggest impact on your life. Look for ways that you can serve others and begin making a difference in your community. The first step is to begin…You can do this!


Today I Will…

Plant wholesome,
life-enriching thoughts in my mind in order that I will form good habits.

Today I Will…

Develop a plan, set
realistic goals, and follow-through.

Today I Will…

Manage my schedule,
be productive, and take advantage of the time and opportunity that God gives

Today I Will…

Deepen and strengthen
my faith, live as a disciple and share the love of the awesome God I serve.

So That One Day…

I will see the compounding results of A Life Well Lived!


*See our blog page for additional Christian Resources.