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Our Vision

Our Vision For The Future

The A Life Well Lived Christian planner was created by Christian Life Management Group Ministry. Our vision for the future is to build Christian community facilities (Well Centers Of America) in cities across the United States. This can alternatively be accomplished by utilizing existing vacant churches and/or community centers. At its core objective, these centers will proclaim the name of Jesus and serve people toward spiritual and physical wellness, job and career guidance, and other essential life management skills, training and services. Additionally, Well Centers Of America will be a venue for music & worship, wholesome meals, community fellowship, Christian books/gifts & apparel, Church services, and other Christian events or activities.

We believe that Christians have both an opportunity and obligation to serve the needs of people with faith based options that the secular world does not provide. A vision and effort this big will require significant planning, resources and financial support. We invite you to learn more about our vision and how you can participate in the journey by partnering with us. Please use our contact form by clicking HERE or contact Bill Campbell directly at

Our Vision For The Future

WELL Centers of America Rendering