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Christian Day Planner


The Christian Day Planner A Life Well Lived purpose is to provide a Daily Devotional & Day Planner and post a Daily Worship Hymn & Lyrics, Scripture & Prayer to provide you Hope & Encouragement in Finding God’s Will by Following God’s Word.

Our Mission:

Have you ever felt like you didn’t measure up? Like everyone around you had life figured out and somehow you didn’t make the cut. Millions of people are walking around wondering, “What is life all about?” Why am I here? Where will I find happiness?

This was never God’s plan!

God sent His Son Jesus to teach us how to live, and also how to teach others. Before ascending back to heaven, Jesus commanded His disciples:

 “All Authority in heaven and on earth is given unto me, Go therefore and make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey all that I have commanded you.” – Matt 28:19.

In other words… Teach people what life is all about and how to live!

At A Life Well Lived Christian Day Planner, Our Mission is the Great Commission.
It’s teaching people to live life to the fullest by following the pattern and teachings of Jesus Christ and managing time effectively.
The A Life Well Lived Christian Day Planner Method

The A Life Well Lived method consists of 7 steps towards Christian life management with the focus on ultimately being a disciple and teaching others what you have learned. Visit the “Methods and Training” page to learn more.

The A Life Well Lived Planner Christian Day Planner

The A Life Well Lived planner includes the following:

    • (2) A Life Well Lived bookmarks with the Seven Steps of Discipleship model that provides you with practical and powerful daily Christian life management guidance and daily routine.
    • Bible-In-One-Year daily Scripture references.
    • Reference page of all U.S. and Christian holidays.
    • 365 effective daily planner pages with Scripture and devotional content, Bible-In-One-Year daily Scripture references, prayer journaling area, scheduling area, and daily action steps/tasks area toward fulfilling personal goals.
    • Month-At-A-Glance and Month-In-Review pages for each month.
    • Guide for creating a Personal Mission Statement (Index I).
    • Life Areas & Goal Setting Exercise (Index II).
    • Reference For Ideas On Life Area Action Steps (Index III).
    • Reference For Ideas On Acts Of Kindness (Index IV).

Our Story:

God started A Life Well Lived Christian Day Planner in 2003 by placing the desire to “get life right” in the heart of Jody Tripp. As a budding Christian, Jody’s desire and daily prayer was that God would guide his steps and teach him how to live in a way that would be pleasing to God.

God answered Jody’s prayers by leading him to create a Christian day planner that would combine devotional content, life-enriching nuggets of wisdom, and daily organizational components to serve as a resource for both spiritual growth and life management. This Christian day planner was the foundation for building A Life Well Lived.

Bill and Kathy Campbell joined Jody in his mission in 2005 adding fundamental business structure and guidance. Bill soon developed a passion for the ministry and has since made A Life Well Lived his life calling and leads the A Life Well Lived team.

Tea Hoffmann has traveled throughout the U.S. training others in personal development and life management skills. She has made significant contributions to the progress of the A Life Well Lived project since joining in 2009.

Joshua MacLeod has invested his life towards making disciples and implementing effective discipleship practices around the globe. In 2011, Joshua joined the A Life Well Lived team in developing the Seven Steps of Discipleship model. Joshua is also the founder of Watermelon Ministries.

Today the A Life Well Lived team continues to seek God’s vision to further develop the A Life Well Lived Christian life management planner and other resources. Our passion is to be obedient in fulfilling whatever God has for us in rebuilding the broken wall of discipleship around the world.

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