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What Will Be Your PRIORITIES In 2021?

What Will Be Your PRIORITIES In 2021

A Life Well Lived has created some empowering questions to consider for the new year. These questions revolve around the seven “life areas” that are common to most everyone’s life. Take some time to reflect on these questions and suggested action steps to help you determine…What Will Be Your PRIORITIES In 2021?

1. Spiritual – Am I right with God, active in church, and living a life that is in alignment with biblical principles? Your desire to grow spiritually should never end and the A Life Well Lived Christian day planner will help you to have a more intimate relationship with Christ. As you grow in your spiritual walk, you become more equipped to share Christ with others and to be the disciple that He has created you to be.

Action Steps
-Join a church in your community and become an active member.
-Have a conversation with your pastor about baptism and plan the date and celebration.
-Join or start a weekly gathering, call, or zoom with friends for fellowship, prayer, and Bible study.

2. Family – Am I at peace with all relationships within my family? Am I devoting time to my family to develop and strengthen those relationships? Healthy relationships are everything and truly what make life a joy. If you are married and your marriage is not thriving, get help. Pray with your spouse daily. Continually set goals in this life area that build family bonds.

Action Steps
-Set a date with your spouse or another family member and discuss fun ideas for a new tradition.
-Schedule a couples retreat or plan to attend a conference.
-Have an honest conversation with your family to establish rules and boundaries.

3. Job/Career – Am I happy and fulfilled in my work? If you don’t awake in the mornings looking forward to your work day, consider making a change. Are you passionate about what you get paid to do? Is there a business idea that you’ve always wanted to try? Have you explored and pursued a higher position within the company that you currently work for? Seeking the guidance of a career coach may be a great consideration. Even if you are satisfied with your current work situation, one of your goals should be to continually learn and stay at the top of your game.

Action Steps
-Brainstorm your passion and ideal job/career position in the workplace. Commit to the process and begin planning your journey.
-Take a gifts and strengths assessment online. Consider a job/career coach for guidance if needed.
-Begin developing a network of business contacts and relationships by either joining or starting a networking group in your area.

4. Financial – Am I at peace in my lifestyle? Am I managing my finances well and do I have a saving plan for financial independence and retirement? One of the greatest rewards in life is to have the ability to give. Unfortunately, many people have difficulty sharing and giving due to the the heavy burden of debt. Find contentment in what God has given you at present, live within your means, and get on the path to debt elimination and financial success. With the ever-changing economy, continual learning and seeking financial wisdom are always prudent action steps to achieving financial goals and success.

Action Steps
-Develop an understanding of what the Bible says about money. This is the greatest peace of mind information you can obtain.
-Consider a Christian personal financial coach to help you get on track.
-Seek other credible resources for financial advice and incorporate those principle into your daily planning.

5. Physical – Am I a good steward of my body? What physical achievements am I striving for? One of the greatest wealths in life is good health. Defining goals and a plan to regular physical exercise and nutrition is essential to living life to its fullest.

​Action Steps
-Join a fitness club and consider hiring a personal trainer who can get you on a written exercise and nutrition plan.
-Start a hiking or other outdoor adventure/exploration club that is concentrated on cardio within your ability level.
-Replace carbonated and sweetened drinks with water.

6. Intellectual/Creative – Am I educating and stimulating my mind with continual learning? Am I using the creative gifts and talents that God has given me? Am I using all resources available to me for inspiration? The competitive nature in today’s society demands that you constantly expand your mind both intellectually and creatively. Intellectual thinking and creative activities are healthy habits.

Action Steps
-Read a book that will challenge you intellectually or creatively.
-Plan to attend a community workshop that interests you.
-Consider offering a class or starting a social networking group centered around intellectual or creative skills you have.

7. Community – Am I serving my community, enjoying the experience, and satisfied with the contribution that I make? Am I making myself available and involved in organizations and/or clubs that interest me? Your interaction with others has significant influence in your life and those around you. Make a difference in your community by setting goals to become more socially active. Setting strong goals in this life area enables you to be a light and serve.

Action Steps
-Join a small group within your church and attend the next scheduled meeting.
-Take a walk around your neighborhood and stop to say hello if you see a neighbor outside.
-Volunteer for a “landscape beautification” day in your city or town.

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What Will Be Your PRIORITIES In 2021?

What Will Be Your PRIORITIES In 2021?

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