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Get Organized!

Get Organized!

Commit to begin cultivating habits that keep you organized and watch your attitude, focus, and productivity soar! In no particular order, here are some ideas Christian Day Planner/A Life Well Lived has created to get you started.

1. Use a planner (written or an app). Prioritize daily tasks. Set realistic and achievable goals and then identify action steps for measurable growth and progress each day. Note important dates, meetings, and activities and review them regularly.
2. Develop a daily routine…especially in the morning so that you can establish a positive mood. The first thoughts, actions, and activities will often be a reflection of how you can expect the remainder of your day to go.
3. Keep what is necessary and discard clutter in your home and/or workspace that is never used.
4. Fix things that frustrate you because you’ll be irritable and no one wants to be around a person in a crummy mood.
5. Set a written schedule of expected chores for each family member to complete each day so that everyone is held accountable.
6. Organize your important personal and financial information into one file or book binder.
7. Consider your daily schedule and eliminate or limit unnecessary activities that create distractions and stress if possible.
8. Focus more of your time and attention toward the things that are gratifying and bring you peace and joy.
9. Label files, folders, containers and boxes so that they can be identified quickly.
10. Achieve peace of mind by creating a budget, having your will and living will completed, and having all necessary insurances in place.

Of course, there are hundreds of ways to become more organized and each of us have our own preference of just how organized we want to be. The important thing is to begin the process, learn what works best for you, and be better for it.

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Get Organized

Get Organized!

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