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Commitment + The Right Tools = Discipleship: How to improve your Christian Walk in 2012 (Part 1 of 4)

Commitment + The Right Tools = Discipleship
How to improve your Christian Walk in 2012 (Part 1 of 4)

How many New Year’s resolutions have you made?  The better question, of course, is how many of those resolutions have you KEPT?

Diet and exercise, spending more time at home vs. work, getting out of debt, you name it!  We have all made resolutions.  At one time or another, most Christians have likely made a resolution to be more committed and better organized in their prayer life in the coming year.

A Life Well Lived was uniquely created to provide Christians with the proper tools to see their resolutions come to fruition!  We can’t help you with your yoga or credit card limits, but we can absolutely keep you on track for a life-changing prayer life in 2012.

We’ll show you four specific support tools to help your devotional life –  beginning with COMMITMENT and arriving at DISCIPLESHIP.

A Life Well Lived Christian Day Planner and Prayer Journal

We have not just designed another day planner.  A Life Well Lived in an entire organizational method.

You are COMMITTED!  The seed has been planted.  Now what?!

To reach the destination of DISCIPLESHIP, we must STUDY.  This is where your Day Planner and Prayer Journal become the water and sunlight that are so vital to growing the seed of commitment.

See the multiple ways you can implement more than ‘good intentions’ to your Christian commitment in the coming year.  A Life Well Lived offers many ways to utilize our Day Planners and Prayer Journals… Click here to start the new year off on solid ground!

Remember, A Life Well Lived has FOUR supportive tools.  Stay tuned…

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