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A Life Well Lived – Christian Day Planner Used Successfully by Leaders in Their Field

A Life Well Lived – Christian Day Planner Used Successfully by Leaders in Their Field

As my business has grown, I have been blessed with the ability to connect with unique people and companies.  The organizations that I enjoy working with most line up with my interests in connecting people, making everything around me better and striving to live out my faith in a real way.

Getting connected with A Life Well Lived is a perfect example of this alignment.  The team we have is passionate about making a difference in the lives of the people that this planner touches and we are committed to helping others and growing ourselves and our relationship with God and each other.

As I was driving home from Brentwood Tennessee after meeting the team for the first time, I called to check in on one of my favorite organizations… a small business in Springfield Tennessee.  You may think a pest control company may not be interesting, innovative or spiritually led, but P.E.S.T. Inc is all 3.

Run by husband and wife Andy and Julie Yant, they freely talk about their faith in person, on their website and in their articles they publish.   They believe in treating others with respect and honesty and have been incredibly supportive of my consulting practice from the moment I started 18 months ago.

As I was talking with Julie about some projects, she asked how my day was going.  I told her it was incredible, and I was really excited about a new organization that I had just met.  I told her it was an ministry that produces a Christian Day Planner, based in Brentwood Tennessee…

She said “Is it A Life Well Lived??”

I said “umm, yes, it certainly is”.

She said “Jason, I use their day planner every day!!”

She then started to excitedly describe that the day planner had:

… spiritual themes for each week

… and that you started every day with a prayer and a short study

… and that there was a place to journal and keep track of your upcoming and previous tasks.

All of which I had just learned from the meeting!

She said “It was very hard to find a day planner with a Christian theme and I’m happy you will be working with them!”

As I was thinking about Julie and how much she has on her plate, the connection with being ‘spiritually organized’ all seemed to make sense.  She is in a good mood every time we speak.  She was extremely busy with her family, business and cause minded volunteerism.  She has 2 small kids, and a seat at the PTA table – Her and her husband are typically the president of their trade organizations, and speak to congress about green pest treatment and travel for business.  They spend time helping out with various fund raisers for their church…

She seems to be able to manage it all somehow.  She even gets in some workouts and family breaks.

It was a big confirmation for me that A Life Well Lived ‘Christian Life Management’ planner is a tool that can help busy and successful Christians keep on top of their lives.  One of my favorite companies to work with, truly leaders in their field, use it every day.  I believe my positive experience with them has some foundation in their faith and the utilization of this planner.  I’m looking forward to tracking the changes in my life as I use this tool, and I hope you will join me.

Jason Elkins
-Transparent Social Media
-A Life Well Lived Team Member


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